2015 reviewed

So, here we are in 2016. Welcome, I’m glad we both made it! How was 2015 for you?

My 2015 resolution was to find myself.  From February 2015: “After Little N was born, I found myself spiraling mentally.  I had no idea who I was anymore.  I knew I was a mom and wife… but who was I?  What do I love doing? Why am I not doing that anymore?  I had committed myself to so many things without even asking myself if I really wanted to do that… I just went with the flow. So I decided that 2015 would be the year to bring me back…”

How did it go? So, so. There are days where I still feel totally lost and confused, others where I know exactly where I am and where I am heading to.

What happened in 2015 you ask?

We built a house:

We finished building our house and moved in! 20150722_110909Yeah!!!!  It isn’t 100% done… sadly my kitchen is still not all finished due to some snaggs, but I can use it. We don’t have closet doors and no decorations at all. What we do have is a brand new house that I will make into a great home over the years. My hubby and I are still talking.  Our couple was somewhat shaky at some points, but we made it through… construction will do that to you sometimes 😉 The boys are so happy to have their own rooms back. Little N starting sleeping through the night as soon as we moved.

Hubby’s business is thriving

Hubby is busy as ever with his business and we are very thankful for that. I am still doing the books for him and we hired an apprentice. Hubby is now into his 3rd year of being an entrepreneur and we have both learnt a lot.

And I…

I started baking and selling Artisan Bread.  I managed to book a commercial kitchen one day per week, got my license and off I went. I participated in my first bake/craft sales in December… what great experiences those were.20151128_100850Easy Artisan Dough

My goals were:

So, my goal for 2015 was to clean up my act.  My greenhouse and gardens had been neglected for 2 years and I wanted to bring them back.  Did I do it? Partially.  The house took way more time that I had anticipated, so choices had to be made.  I managed to keep my greenhouse clean all through the season which is amazing to me!  I got a lot of beets, tomatoes and cukes from it.  I also got the most amazing tasting watermelon ever. My first one that actually made it to an eatable stage 🙂

My garden is still a mess 😦 We did manage to lift the frames of the 2 remaining raised beds, so that come spring, we will be able to remove them… more about that in my 2016 goals. No fencing got done, no clean up in the field either.

That brings us to 2016. I have a lot on my mind for this year.

My theme last year was to find myself.  This projet, Triple N Acres, was the result of that theme.

My theme for 2016…. drumroll…. Friends and Family

We have had to set aside almost all social time for us, the grown-ups, and some for the littles too as we were focusing on the workshop and then the house. We haven’t spent a lot of time in the last 2 years just having fun with others, hosting sleep-overs for the kiddos, doing family activities, etc.

I plan on changing that this year! Read more about my new goals in my next post 🙂

As always, thanks of following me! See you soon. ~ Karina

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